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Based out of the Lake District, Cumbria

Looking at getting fit for mountain sport? Hiring a personal trainer or coach is a great way to go if you want a structured approach to gaining optimum fitness in order to achieve your set goal. Although happy to work with anyone wanting to increase their fitness or lose weight for any reason, operating with outdoor goers is where our experience lays. We really understand the demands of hiking the hills of the UK and the Himalaya, what it takes to complete ultra marathons and fell races, and quite simply just to keep the body in a state of prime-fitness. A Personal Trainer is just that, they are someone who is there to help YOU succeed. You still have to put in the hard work, but at least you know you'll be doing it the right way - every rep, set, mile or calorie is working with you towards your goal. 


We have personal experience with many outdoor sports, and feel we can provide an excellent service to anyone wanting to get fitter to get fitter for treks and expeditions of all sizes and dificulties.

Previous Clients goals that we met together include:

  • General Fitness - Improvements in cardiovascular performance and muscle tone

  • Half Marathon Goals

  • Running the Lakeland 3000s 

  • Running the Lakeland 50

  • Getting trek fit for Everest Base Camp, Mount Toubkal and the Snowman trek in Bhutan

  • Summit Atempts on Everest, Mt Nun, Mera Peak and Mount Toubal


Resistance & Cardio Training

In the world of fitness, we will always preach that ‘specificity is key’, and so it is hard to argue against the fact that to get fit for say hillwalking the best way to do it is by walking up hills. Whilst this is very true, there is a good case for some supplementary training, and we feel everyone who loves their mountain sport should consider trying to add in just 2 short sessions of resistance training a week.

Resistance training, whether that be using weights, resistance bands or bodyweight can reduce your risk of injury and pain (think knees!), improve your muscle activation and efficiency, and of course makes your muscles, tendons and ligaments stronger. So, what’s not to like? Don’t wait until you get on the fells to get fit, get ready to be on the fells in the best possible shape you can.

Furthermore, we can build in cardio sessions to your programme to help boost your fitness too. These sessions can be walking, running, bike or rowing based - whatever suits you and your goals. Although I don't advertise my services as an Ultra Running coach anymore,  I do have knowledge in this field, and have coached numerous people towards their ultra goals. 

What are the main benefits to hiring a PT or Coach?

  • Form Check: Get proper instruction on how to lift weights and use exercise machines. Technique is vital and even hiring a PT for one session to ensure you're exercising the right way it's money well spent!

  • Experience & Knowledge: Pull on a qualified and experienced mind to enhance your training. 

  • Push your boundaries: Variation and overload are key to sustaining and progressing your exercises. A PT will provide fun and varied sessions. 

  • Accountability: Meeting or checking in with your PT / Coach is an appointment you shouldn't miss. Having a PT helps to keep you regular with your exercise. 

  • Programme Design: A PT / Coach will work with you to set goals and can help design a programme that can help you work towards them in the best possible way. 

LMG Personal Training Mountain Focused Fitness


After a consultation, I'll create you a training programme to follow. If you work hard and stick to the plan as best as you can, I'm confident it'll help move you towards achieving your goals. The plans are totally bespoke to your goals and availability, and 100% dynamic too - so if you fall ill, have a busy week or suffer fatigue so need a week off, we'll just change the plan to suit. 

Our plan are based on 'remote' coaching, but if we can meet up and share some training time we will endeavour to do so! You can contact me any time for advice on your training, or any other elements revolving around your expedition. 

£90 for 12 weeks

£160 for 24 weeks

Form Checks, Training Runs and Recces

Form Checks:  When starting out a resistance programme you may wish to utilise a PT to teach you correct form to ensure you get the best out of the exercise, but also don't cause an injury to yourself. This may be able to be carried out in the home environment, but most likely the gym. The cost is £50 per session, plus the day entry cost to your gym.

Hiking / Running Recces and Training Days: As a qualified and experienced mountain leader and runner, I can take you hiking and running across the hills of the UK. So, if you want to head for a training hike /run together, or a route recce we can get it arranged. The cost starts at £200 per session.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL - Paddy Gorril, Bob Graham Round Aspirant

Paddy is three months into a long-term training plan, all building towards running the 66mile and 8200m challenge of the Bob Graham Round

I't’s good to have some structure to it and nice to see how it’s working. I hate running fast, a lot, but it’s been worth it!'


Matt Le Voi - Trainer of Legends! After moving to the Lake District last October I booked Matt for a Scafell Pike walk during which we we talked about all things trail running, lakes and navigation. I confided in Matt that I had a place in the Lakeland 50 trail race but was worried about the self navigation and night sections. Well as someone who’d completed the Lakeland 50 himself I suspect he began to form a plan.
The next time I met Matt on the Scafell 5 peaks challenge group walk on which he “outed” me to the group as someone who WAS going to do this race! This led to an offer of some personal mountain specific training. How could I refuse? 
I’d trail run for years but I knew this was a massive challenge, since moving the Lakeland terrain was beating my body up and my confidence was very low. In fact there was a 90% chance I’d defer.

Training with Matt was the best decision Ever! Not only did he give me a tailored plan for this races specific challenges he also propped up my confidence enough to get to that start line.

Race day was just epic! The strength training definitely gave my legs more power and endurance throughout! Don’t get me wrong it was tough!! 
But I came through the finish with a smile on my face 16.39 hours!

If you’re thinking of taking on a mountain challenge I’d heartily recommend some training with Matt as he understands the specifics required to succeed. He’s also a bit of a laugh!

Sara King Lakeland 50

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL - Tom W, Running, General Fitness & Wellbeing,

I have been a client of Matt's for 18 months and can honestly say he's completely changed my mindset and attitude towards getting fit, much of this is down to his own positivity and passion in helping people achieve their goals. Over that period Matt has provided me with a variety of plans, individual sessions and copious amounts of support and guidance whether that be in person or over the phone. Each plan has been interesting and challenging which has enabled me to push myself to my limits whilst also enjoying working out. Matt has been excellent in tailoring his guidance depending on my own personal targets, which primarily have been running based, and providing me with suitable nutritional advice in order to ensure those targets are met. There have been occasions where my own personal circumstances have got in the way of my progress but Matt has always been super understanding and has provided me with suitable motivation to enable me to get back into the swing of things. Matt is reliable, personable, an excellent communicator and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their general fitness or to complete a specific goal.

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