Based out of the Lake District, Cumbria

Looking at getting fit for mountain sport? Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to go if you want a structured approach to gaining optimum fitness in order to achieve your set goal. Although happy to work with anyone wanting to increase their fitness or lose weight for any reason, operating with outdoor goers is where our experience lays. We really understand the demands of hiking the hills of the UK and the Himalaya, what it takes to complete ultra marathons and fell races, and quite simply just to keep the body in a state of prime-fitness. A Personal Trainer is just that, they are someone who is there to help YOU succeed. You still have to put in the hard work, but at least you know you'll be doing it the right way - every rep, set, mile or calorie is working with you towards your goal. 


We have personal experience with many outdoor sports, and feel we can provide an excellent service to anyone wanting to get fitter for any of the following:


  • Mountain / Fell Running

  • Skiing / Snowboarding

  • Hiking or Trekking

  • Rock Climbing & Mountaineering

  • ​Mountain Biking

What are the main benefits to hiring a PT?

  • Form Check: Get proper instruction on how to lift weights and use exercise machines. Technique is vital and even hiring a PT for one session to ensure you're exercising the right way it's money well spent!.

  • Experience & Knowledge: Pull on a qualified and experienced mind to enhance your training. 

  • Push your boundaries: Variation and overload are key to sustaining and progressing your exercises. A PT will provide fun and varied sessions. 

  • Accountability: Meeting your PT is an appointment you shouldn't miss. Having a PT helps to keep you regular with your exercise. 

  • Programme Design: A PT will work with you to set goals and can help design a programme that can help you work towards them. ​​​

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Ideal for those who want to get into optimum fitness with a high level of support from a trainer. Perfect if you have a short to medium term goal to achieve. 

  • ​A session a week with your PT

  •  Personalised programme

  • 24/7 Advice line

  • Half Price Circuits



Great for those who have long term goals (6+months) and  / or have good motivation and gym experience. 

  • ​ A session a month with your PT

  •  Personalised programme

  • 24/7 Advice line

  • Half Price Circuits



Perfect if there are 2-3 of you all working towards the same goal, such as an international trek. This provides a personal training opportunity focussed on your group, with your own goal in mind.

  • ​ A session a month with your PT

  •  Personalised programme

  • 24/7 Advice line

  • Half Price Circuits



Suitable for those comfortable in the gym environment, or those that can't get to Cumbria for the 1:1 sessions. I'll create you a training programme to suit your goal and we'll keep in touch to track the progress. 

Prices vary on the length of the programme required, starting at £30 for 6 weeks. Drop me an email to enquire!

Additional PT Sessions for anyone enrolled on any of the above packages are £25 per hour. 

​One off PT Sessions are available at £35 per hour.

Before any training begins, we'll complete a consultation with you to chat about your aims and objectives, as well as your health and medical status .