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What A Year!

In truth, I can't quite believe what I've managed to pull off this year, but I do know that none of it was a fluke. At the end of last year I was inspired to get my act together and go for a second attempt of the Bob Graham Round, and before long I was hooked on setting myself bigger goals and pushing my body into a new realm of fitness. I can't help but look back on it all and smile.

April - Bob Graham Round in 23:23 August - became the 23rd Person to run the 105 mile Lakes, Meres and Waters in the 7th fastest time to date August - Cycled the 140 mile C2C in a single day September - Ran the No Cure Always Hope Ultra Solo and raised over £500 for charity October -Led an Expedition to Everest Base Camp (Work) December - Co-led an expedition to the summit of Mount Toubkal (Work) December- Survived my first ParkRun

Throughout the year my mindset grew stronger than I've ever known it, and I truly started to believe when I started to go into these challenges that I would be able to see it through.

As I've said before, many of these challenges wouldn't have been achievable without the support network of friends and family I have. A huge thanks to everyone who came and cheered, fed, ran and massaged. Special thanks go to James Gibson for his constant belief and encouragement, Matt Stapley for his support and advice, Sara King for being in from the offset and a great friend, and of course to my wife Naomi for not only accepting my desires to do these, but helping, supporting and cheering me all the way.

My totals for the year stand at 925 hours exercised (38 days), 3700km travelled, and almost 150,000m ascent (17 Everests).

As we go into 2023 I feel a bit daunted by the fact everything resets, and the hard work has to restart as I continue my journey towards climbing Manaslu in 2024.

My current plans for 2023 are:

April - Run the 74 mile Cumbria Way in a Day (Solo, with car support) July - Lakeland 100 Expeditions up Mera Peak (6476m) and back to Mount Toubkal twice(4,167m)

Remember, 'With enthusiasm you can fill your life with joy'.

Where is your 2023 going to take you? #LivefortheNow

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