LMW Recce #4 - Buttermere to Wastwater

Another training day as well as a Lakes, Meres and Waters recce in the bag.

Today was just as much about mental resilience as it was physical as it was darn hot! It all became about self-management with regards to hydration and keeping myself cool. I sat down in many ghylls and swam in two lakes along the way!

The part of the route I wanted to recce today was the ascent from Ennerdale to Wastwater. I bolted on Red Pike from Buttermere (also part of the route) and then had to get back to Buttermere from Wastwater. The ascent up from Ennerdale past Haycock was a longer ridge than I'd anticipated, but I really enjoyed exploring the terrain alongside Seatallan and Middle Fell. This bit was a real joy!

Wasdale was like a sauna, and I stupidly opted for the screes path rather than going high as planned. This path is a right pain in the bottom!!!

I probably should have gone out on the road bike today as it'd have been cooler, but with limited opportunities remaining in the next few weeks to recce I guess it was good to tick this off.

42km with 2,100m ascent, assisted by 368 swims and 45 gallons of water

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