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LMW Recce #3 - Troutbeck to High Street

It was ace to be back out getting another recce of the Lakes, Meres and Waters route under my belt. This is an area of the Lakes I barely know, and some of the trails I ran today I've only been on once, maybe twice.

My day started in Troutbeck and I first had to climb over the Garburn Pass to Kentmere. From here it was up to Skeggles Water - yep, I'd never heard of it either!!

From this remote water it was down, and then up the Kentmere Valley to Kentmere Reservoir. Now back on the up, I ascended to Nan Bield Pass and dropped down to Small Water.

On the day of my run if I include Kentmere Reservoir I will then continue down to Haweswater before climbing back up to Blea Tarn, but today I opted to cut the corner, which was fortuitous as I saw a herd of deer. From Blea Tarn I ascended up to High St, where the route would go down to Hayswater, however I was homeward bound and dropped into the Troutbeck valley to get back to the van.

34km, 1400m ascent and lots learnt - a great day!

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