How does a weekly circuit session with like-minded people sound? So often, people just get fit for their sports by doing their sports, but a little bit of strength and conditioning can go a long way! 

Indoor Session

After the success of our outdoor sessions we will be moving indoors for winter. These will ordinarily be High Intensity Bodyweight sessions, so you will burn lots of calories whilst targeting a range of muscle groups. There's no doubt that this is a great way to spend a dark winter evening! 

Location: Brigham Village (Memorial) Hall -  - CA13 0TG

Time: 6PM

Dates: Currently Sold Out for 2022. Email us to be added to a reserve list. 

Cost: £35 for 7 Sessions. £6 for a one off session (if there is space) Cash payments only please.

Contact us to secure your place. 

Outdoor Session

Our open sessions last one hour and this will include a warm up and cool down, some time to chat and an intense all-body workout session! These sessions are designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, all body strength, endurance and stability. From week to week we'll mix it up to add some variety and fun to your weekly training - from bodyweight exercises to some equipment oriented exercise, it'll be sure to help you get fitter both physically and mentally. 

Location: Little Broughton Playing Field - - CA13 0TL

Time: 6PM

Dates: Our Outdoor Circuits finish on the 14th October and will return in April 2022

Cost: £5 per session or £25 for 6 Sessions. Cash payments only please. 

These sessions are for all abilities. The vast majority of them will work on the basis that you can try as hard as you want within a set timeframe - So essentially, the sessions will never get easier as you'll only be working harder and harder.

How to Book?   Drop us a message to book onto the class. This helps let us know how many people to expect. 

 I strongly recommend following us on Facebook or Instagram to ensure you get any pre session updates - such as if we need to cancel due to poor weather.



The idea is currently brewing, so bear with us but not before long we will have a mountain fitness focussed weekend set up for you to join us on! 

Whether you just like walking or running, or have a big international trek coming up, this weekend will not just help get you fitter, but it will empower you with new knowledge on how to get fit, and stay fit! The line-up will include:

  • Hill Session

  • Circuit Session

  • Pilates Workshop

  • Maintenance and Stretching Workshop

  • Nutritional Advice Workshop

The weekend will be suitable for people of all abilities, at any phase of their training career. If you wish to be kept in the loop on this idea please drop us an email at